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Welcome! This site is a free source of teachings, texts, and resources about Kabbalah, the centuries-old system of Jewish mystical and estoteric thought and practice. It is suitable for those new to Kabbalah, and those with some background who wish to deepen their knowledge. If you are looking for an honest introduction to the fascinating world of the Kabbalah, you are in the right place. You may want to begin at the beginning: by asking What is Kabbalah? Or, you may select any of the topics from the list at left to find out about specific topics. This site is always evolving, with new pages added every month.

Learnkabbalah.com was created by Jay Michaelson, who is both a teacher and a student of Kabbalah, meditation, and spirituality. As you'll see reflected here, Jay has learned Kabbalah in both traditional and academic contexts; he is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has taught at synagogues, universities, and yeshivas alike. He has created this site to allow the wisdom of the Kabbalah to spread to a whoever is interested in receiving it. While the subjects of the Kabbalah are, by definition, mysteries, the Kabbalah does not have to be mysterious — or expensive — to learn. Jay is also available as a teacher and scholar in residence and has taught at synagogues, festivals, and retreats.

In the meantime, however, we hope you will enjoy this site. The path of Kabbalah is at once exceedingly complex and elegantly simple; we wish you the best on your journey of discovering it.